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This kitten is smoking

I’m so glad that the cigarette isn’t lit, so that I can pretend the kitten is just really possessive of its toys, and not addicted to nicotine.

This reminds me of an old anti-smoking campaign, featuring animals that had cigarettes dangling from their mouths and the tag line: “It looks just as stupid when you do it.”

Here’s the problem with that campaign: Sometimes, the animals still looked cool! Darn cigarette companies!

(Thanks, Ryan!)

The most complete information I’ve ever seen on cat coat colouring

Click the image or here for a full-size version, which is 3,200×2,400 pixels, and if you’re really interested in a poster, head to DeviantArt or RedBubble for prints up to 30″x40″. For a taste of what it looks like close-up:

Illustrator Joumana Medlej, of CedarSeed.com, created this chart as part of her tutorials series. It is almost certainly the most complete look at feline coat colours and patterns that I have ever seen. It looks like something that you would see hanging in a veterinarian’s office.

It’s precisely the kind of thing that would have fascinated me as a kid, and it fascinates me now. I can’t wait to get home and pore over this with my own cat in my lap, comparing eye and nose colour, and all the faint patterns, plus checking out where, precisely her hair is coloured.

Awesome find by @jameshopehoward, who runs the thought-provokingly hilarious Slurpees and Murder blog, as well as Winnipeg Cat. Also, he needs a job. Do you need a librarian?

Million-dollar idea: Make cat toys out of ribbon

Everyone with a cat knows that it is impossible to wrap Christmas presents with one in the house, because they go absolutely nuts for those shiny, coiled ribbons.

And, everyone with a cat probably spends a shameful amount of money on fancy cat-toys that are designed to bounce and squeak and are invariably ignored about three minutes after the first toss, no matter if it’s spiked with catnip or made from real rabbit fur.

So, the obvious solution is to make some sort of cat toy from ribbon, right? I cannot be the first person to think of this, but on the assumption that I am, I hereby release it into the public domain.