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And this is how an ad agency works

Apparently, this infographic about the “Anatomy of an Agency” was created at Toronto’s Grip Limited, and sent to the ad blog copyranter, where I saw it.

Having only once been in the presence of a real, actual full-on ad agency, I guess I can’t say for sure how accurate these jokes are, but they look pretty standard. But funny. Even if you’ve only seen ‘Mad Men’ a couple of times.

Full graphic after the jump

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When you hate the weather, adding profanity helps

I love single-serving websites* and I am kind of fanatical about checking the weather. Also, I love profanity. So when I happened across the website The Fucking Weather, I knew I was basically in (fucking) heaven.

Here’s a link to tell you what the weather’s like in Brandon, in Celsius.

Or, just go to TheFuckingWeather.com and enter in your own coordinates. It defaults to Rochester NY.



* I’ve even created a few. Now you can tell whether 10th Street is open, whether the Brandon Sun air conditioner is working, or whether it’s Juel’s birthday.

How to be a non-conformist — Mad magazine style

I once heard a great interview with, uh, someone from Mad on the CBC, and I actually sat and listened to it in the car until it finished — but I can’t remember who it was with. Sigh. Getting old, I guess.

But I happened across this spread from a vintage edition of Mad, and for me it perfectly captures the best part of the magazine — using ironic detachment to skewer the ironically detached. Essentially, the whole page is a set of rules to not conform! Brilliant!

Take a look at the full version, here:

Have Siri pour you a beer

I’m still waffling over whether to get an iPhone 4S (yes, I know, I should have decided two weeks ago and been a fanboy) but one of the undeniably cool things about it is Apple’s new artificial digital assistant, Siri.

Although Siri is less useful (so far) in Canada than “she” is in the States, I’ve had the chance to play around with a friend’s iPhone, and I think she’s still kind of cool (she’s not capable of loving me, however).

As the video above shows, though, with a little bit of ingenuity, perhaps there is no limit to what Siri will do for you.

Source: redpepper / Have Siri pour you a beer.

Cyclist goes to great lengths to prove a point

This guy got a ticket for not riding his bike in the designated bike lane, which, as he shows us, is not always the safest thing to do.

Kudos to this guy for almost severely injuring himself for the benefit of us all. It’s a good thing he knows how to duck and roll. He does raise a pretty good point though: how are cyclists supposed to abide by the rules if there are people actively blocking them? If there were garbage cans, or people parked in the middle of a busy street in Brandon, there would be hell to pay.


How to autopsy a zombie

So, there’s a book coming out called “The Zombie Autopsies.” And there’s a video interview with the author, because of course there is.

If you didn’t know, May is Zombie Awareness Month, and to celebrate, blogger Hannah Waters is doing a week-long, five-part series on the Biology of Zombies.

She’s got a great collection of other links, too, including that video, above.

Man, I eat this brainy stuff up. Heh heh.

(credit to Krystal D’Costa, who pointed me in this direction)

Best dad? Or worst dad?

Redditor mp3thief uploaded the above, saying “I’m no longer allowed near my daughter’s colouring books.”

Obviously. Brr.

For the uninitiated, the above creepy rabbit is from the movie Donnie Darko, which absolutely flopped at the box office, but became a cult favourite for it’s exploration into time travel. It’s also one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s first roles. Here’s the trailer, with a couple of glimpes of Frank the bunny:

It’s really good. Go watch it. Now!