Short Film Friday: Paperman

It’s Short Film Friday on a Saturday!  Okay, okay…cut me some slack.  I’ve been busy.

Don’t worry, though.  This week’s installment is a doozy!  It’s probably been floating around for a while and you may have seen it, but it’s new to me.  (See above note re: being busy).  And anyways, even if you have seen it in the past, it’s worth seeing again.

From almost the first short, you can tell it’s a Disney production.  It just has that old-school Disney vibe to it.  The characters look like they belong in 101 Dalmations or something — gorgeous, gorgeous animation.  The choice to present this short film in black and white is interesting, too.  It lends itself to both the setting of the story, but again hearkens back to the Disney films of old.  Online comments make a big deal about the lighting, but come on…it’s animation, not a set.  Commenting on the beautiful animation takes into account the lighting by the very nature of the way it was produced.

At the same time, however, there is a CGI element.  Instead of detracting from the classical animation, it adds to it.  No animator myself, I suspect the CGI makes possible some of the shots that would have been in the past nothing short of nightmarish to produce.

Finally, yes.  Yes, this is a saccharine-sweet story.  I know, I know.  But we’re closing in on Valentine’s Day and although I don’t buy into the Hallmark holiday itself, I wanted to let all of you know just how much I love you.

Paperman is my gift to you.  Enjoy.