Nov 242011

If you’re a little taken aback by the sheer consumer frenzy that is Christmas shopping, just think about all the “impossible” or “too expensive” things that you could do with that money — a total of about $45 billion this year — instead.

Thankfully, the people at have done all the thinking for you. Full infographic after the jump.

  3 Responses to “I know you’ve got your eye on that new 3D TV, but let’s end malaria instead”

  1. I thought Malaria was spread by Mosquitos. How do you get rid of Malaria without getting rid of mosquitos?

    I’m gonna go buy me my 3D TV now thanks.

  2. Malaria needs to mature inside the human body, so if you inoculate enough people, you can disrupt the life-cycle of the parasite. I believe Rotary is working towards eradication of malaria as one of their worldwide goals.

    Also, don’t buy a 3D TV.

  3. Rampant consumerism… if only we’d buy something worth purchasing. Nice post.