Introducing the Joby GorillaBike

If you’re a fan of the flexible Joby Gorillapod tripods (I am) then you’ll love this bike, which they had on display at photo trade show PMA 2010.

Of course, it’s completely useless as a bike, unless you really require a folding, pose-able bike, perhaps because your limbs are twisted and arthritic?

But it’s fantastic as marketing — I’ve seen it linked on multiple blogs, including this one, now. And just to encourage the corporate bigwigs who sign off on ridiculous marketing projects like this, I’ll give a little love to the other stuff that Joby unveiled at the show — Gorillapods with magnetic feet that you can stick anywhere, and an extra-large tripod head for more stability.

There’s a great report on all things Joby at Photography Bay.

I’m kind of jazzed for the magnetic Gorillapods, even though they are point-and-shoot-sized only (DSLRs, especially with big lenses, may just be too heavy).

I bought a DSLR-sized Gorillapod for my sister in law at Christmas (we had a $30 limit on our gift exchange, and I’m pretty sure I got it as a price error. She was happy). They really hit the sweet spot between stiff and flexible.

(thanks, Ryan!)

4 thoughts on “Introducing the Joby GorillaBike”

  1. Magnetic Gorillapods..?

    Not a good idea. Unless you like erasing the photos you’ve taken on your memory card, which a magnet will do.

    They’ll undoubtedly be weak enough to *probably* be OK, but…not something I’d put close to my data.

  2. Film is immune to magnets…X-rays pose a problem (depending on strength) for some higher-speed, more sensitive types.

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