A bathmat made from moss

Here’s an environmentally friendly idea: a bathmat that can actually use the warm damp of a bathroom.

A little bit of the outside world, brought inside.
A little bit of the outside world, brought inside.

I know that bathrooms are really terrible places for growing mold and the like, so why not harness that? It’s not like moss is bad for you — first of all, it grows without dirt, so it’s clean, and it doesn’t attract bugs or fruit flies. And it will actively fight for resources against mold and mildew, so you’re probably keeping your bathroom cleaner than otherwise you would.

So far, this is just a one-time prototype, according to the designer, Nguyen La Chanh, who posted it here.

But it looks like it would be easy enough to make it yourself. In the comments, she’s even addressed some of the questions that people pose:

The base is made of imputrescible foam, called plastazote. It’s “water cut” to obtain the regular holes where are put the different mosses. You could use another material which won’t rotten, I chose this special foam to avoid having fungus starting growing because of the humidity. And also because it’s softer when your feet are in contact with it. … I chose resistant mosses and tested them. They don’t need dirt, just water and if they dry, they can live again just by being watered again. Each piece of moss is in a different cell so if one needs to be replaced, it can be done easily. Of course, this carpet is not meant to last a year in your bathroom.

My dad spent a couple of years getting the right kinds of mosses to grow on his flagstone walk, and I love how they feel when I’m over there barefoot in the summer. I can only imagine it would be nice in the mornings, too.

I think this is the designer’s personal site, she’s got a couple of other neat ideas, too.

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  1. I’d love to use it as long as it didn’t attract bugs. I used to have ant problems at my house and a few other insects that I dealt with that I would rather not have come back :/

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